• Take your health seriously

    Take your health seriously!

    Our emphasis on Human Power means that Dieticians and Nutritionists and Trainers and Athletes get involved to help everyone rethink their health and fitness!


  • Adventure: Accessibility

    Our Adventure-Style Platform Makes Travel Accessible To Everyone

  • Volunteer. Intern. Work.

    “Your Career Needs This!”

  • Mission Quote

    “We’re working to make travelling the world an accessible way to educate people for passion-filled careers in solving serious global problems.”

  • Travel is time beautifully spent.

    Travel is time beautifully spent.

    Travel is not only good for your education but good for your soul.


  • A Robust Intellectual Environment

    Do not just read about ideas or people or places. Travel to engage them, meet them, and see them!

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  • Community

    Meet thousands of people who are doing things as cool as your dreams.

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  • The Boss On Purpose

    “Work is Hard. Learning is Hard. Sustaining Community is hard. Getting in shape is hard. Traveling The World is fun! We never said ‘easy’, we said ‘accessible'”

    Matt Friedlund