10 Reasons For Engaging People Around A Continent

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We’d by lying if we said there are only 10 reasons for engaging people around a continent – there are so many more! But there are 10 that stick out to us, that form the core of our trips. Indeed, these are the ten reasons we keep running trips – these are the reasons we think it’s reasonable to say that we’re pursuing World Peace.

10 Reasons For Engaging People Around A Continent

1. Community

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Community is a big deal. Business scholars and Organizational Psychologists say that if CEO’s can sufficiently foster their company’s culture – or the way their company Community interacts – then those companies are almost guaranteed to succeed because they can accomplish anything they attempt!. We think that if we get a large, diverse community together to travel around a continent and engage other communities with service and fun and food – we could take meaningful steps toward World Peace. We can strengthen the way communities interact simply by helping them to engage in positive circumstances. Community Service Projects. Celebrations and fun ideas and beautiful landscapes! We can change a lot just by introducing people to each other.

2. Parties

party on sand around bonfire

Everyone likes a good party! Celebrating with friends, interesting conversation with new people, and meeting people with personalities so fascinating that you can’t help but stay in touch! We like the saying, “A good indicator of the health of any people is the quality of their parties”. Attending parties around the world have made our parties at home better. On trips, we throw parties to raise funds for the materials to do service projects in the area. Because parties are good ways to meet new people. Grow networks. Collaborate. Brainstorm. And realize that having a good time is something worth collectively working toward. So come on! Let’s go have a party!

3. Volunteer Service


We literally have the power to spread goodness around America – one service project at a time. Volunteer service could be something we all do regularly – as an attitude of service because it’s more fun than not being useful. Think about the sheer volume of volunteer hours – the insane amount of help we could provide so many communities! So many of us have the time and the resources to help others – let’s go do it!

4. Educational Opportunities

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Educational opportunities are ubiquitous while traveling around a continent. Everywhere you look is something to explore – the environment, the city, the people! But it’s downright elite education when you pair travel with an accredited (or just intentional) curriculum that includes hands on opportunities for work experience! (That’s why we offer college courses and many speakers from local communities). But if you’re traveling alone you can still engage local leaders or experts. Often you only need to contact them with a bit about your travels and the question you have for them – the best leaders know the importance of engaging anyone who puts forth the effort to acknowledge their expertise!

5. Experts Are Local People (Somewhere)

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It’s insane how much local experts know and do! And since we’re traveling around a continent – it’s insane which experts you’ll meet! International experts and regional experts alike – the connections you’ll make with local experts will change your world. Oh – and if you’re keen to meet someone in particular, there’s no better place to find them than their hometown. Haha. Duh. (Ok. That’s a little creepy. But seriously, the amount of wisdom you’ll get from local leaders will change your life!)

6. Accessibility

Golden Gate Bridge represents The YP Mission Statement

Making travel accessible to everyone would change a lot. And engaging people is what makes travel accessible! Most travel and tourism has been based around the idea of not engaging with certain types of people – “We want to be safe!”, we’ve told ourselves. But social – person-to-person – sites like AirBNB.com or Uber have revolutionized some industries by admitting that sometimes engaging with strangers isn’t so bad (assuming reasonable accountability). Engaging people around continents is a big part of how we make travel accessible to everyone. As we volunteer and work and study and engage locals for fun and for getting things done – not only is travel more accessible, but it’s way more fun and useful to our lives, too!

7. Anti-Hate; Or, Opportunities To Love

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We put a lot of faith in the introduction. We think a lot can be accomplished simply be introducing people to other (types of) people in positive circumstances. So we put people in a ton of fun, useful circumstances with other types of people around a continent. And we’ve even noticed this in ourselves – as we’ve met, worked, studied with, and celebrated with people from around the world we’ve been able to spread love around our own social circles in creative, meaningful new ways! We impact more people in better ways than we ever could have before! There’s a whole world of people out there doing awesome things in their countries and communities. And the best ideas or the richest way of life have not always been where we’ve expected. If love is the antidote for hate – then traveling to engage people might make fighting hate, well, kinda fun!

8. Adventure!


Adventure is awesome! It’s also a little scary. It meets us only when we’re about to leave our comfort zone and begs us to come with it! It meets us all at different places, which means it doesn’t always take us to the same place, either. That’s why when adventure is based around meeting and helping and learning about people around a continent, we can all meet adventure in different ways. The social element of adventure makes it accessible – some people want to hike the highest mountains or surf wild waves, others want to sit and chat over coffee, and others prefer to check out the local museum. Recognizing adventure in the day-to-day means you’ll never know who you (and maybe some friends) will get to have coffee with, or what event you’ll end up involved with at the museum. But it also means that you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn. You might learn some things that cause you to reevaluate your life or your values. You might meet someone who changes your life. You might be impacted by the natural environment in ways you never imagined. Seriously. Adventure is awesome! But it’s also a little scary. Because it’s guaranteed to change you.

9. Collaboration!

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Collaboration is the opportunity to do things with other people. So by definition of engaging people around a continent – that changes collaboration. Like, alot! Because you’re doing lots of stuff with lots of people! Seriously. Do it! Like, whatever you want. Climb a mountain. Start a company. Solve a problem in a community somewhere. Quiz yourselves on the native species. Meet a CEO – someone you and a friends really admire. Or a Pastor. Or an artist. A writer. An activist speaker person. You literally can do anything you and a few friends put your minds to! So we set up this adventure platform for you to go around a continent and meet with the people and make friends and do work with them. Often these relationships continue – many of us are still working with people we’ve met on the road. Some of us our best friends. It’s the most fun.

10. What’s number 10? You Tell Us! What else can engaging people around a continent change?

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