A Robust Intellectual Environment

A Robust Intellectual Environment, Day Missions Room, Yale University





Do not just read about ideas or people or places. Travel to engage them, meet them, and see them!


Sitting and reading about things is important. But it’s better to go and engage it.

Go and see!

Investigate your assumptions, the people you believe things about but don’t know, or the circumstances and causes you suspect for events!

It’s time to go to England study English Literature, to go to Spain or Mexico to study Spanish, and to go and see the world if you want a “liberal arts” education in the humanities or social sciences – or are trying to have a social impact with STEM degrees. Right. So many careers are enormously benefited by traveling the world. But that’s not the point.

Your education is benefitted. No longer are you the type to just read one or two sides of an argument. You are no longer restricted by what the media covers. You Go and See for yourself. You make friends there. You live more richly because you understand humanity more deeply. You are happier. You are healthier. You are wealthier – in a way that is educated about social justice and does not deprive others, but gives generously and works to undermine senseless opulence.

If you want to test hypotheses, come and do it! If you want to learn about anything, your opinions or beliefs or academic ideas, our Trips offer a most robust intellectual environment. We’re not just changing what you have access to learn about, we’re changing how to think about it!

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