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 We’re a movement of friends intentionally traveling the populated continents to understand how to fix global problems, regardless of our preferred occupations. We investigate our opinions and beliefs and ideas by actually going and seeing their real-life implications.

Here is the Official Itinerary!

Worried about cost? Don’t.

If you can’t afford $2,000 for a summer around the US – show us your budget and we’ll make it work!


Pick a method, choose how you participate!

cycle_300x300 field_300x300

 Run. Cycle. Sit.

Exercise your right to Human Power!

woman's weight loss comparison picture

Ashley wanted to lose 40 pounds on the Young and Wild Expedition 2013, so she did! We simply encourage you to take your health seriously – and to love yourself wherever you are in that process!

We help you get into shape by allowing you to cycle or run (or whatever!) for as long as you want between destinations – ride on our sweet buses if you get tired or don’t feel like powering yourself!

Red Brick Bus

Either way, traveling at such a slow pace (50 miles per day) means you have plenty of time to explore, learn, work and serve in some of the most beautiful places in America!



Sustainable travel starts with food!


So our chef is teaming up with our dietitians and nutritionists and athletes to prepare super tasty meals that sustain active bodies.

It’s an international foodie tour!

Eat a variety of international vegetarian cuisines while traveling around the United States! (Our meals accommodate most allergies!) We’ll provide a comprehensive list of drinks (other than water) and ways you can prepare meat on the adventure!


Stay with local individuals and organizations!

people sit around a table at nursing home

Your willingness to serve means people like hanging out with you!

Hang out with local individuals who volunteer to host us – or stay with the organization where you’ll be volunteering! It’s a blast, and it’s the backbone of what it means to see a place – interacting with the locals!


Stay in our Mansion-Tent!tent picture

Our Mansion-Tent is awesome! It guarantees a warm, dry, safe space to set up your own tent (or cot), and it means you’ll always have a guaranteed base from which to launch your local explorations!




Don’t worry – we’ve also got showers and food and fun in the Mansion-Tent, too!

Or take some time for yourself!


Sometimes everyone needs a little time to themselves. Go exploring! Stay in a hotel. Stay in the backcountry. Go and see what you want to see! Do what you want to do!

Use our platform as a base to see the continent the way you want to see it!


Throw a fundraiser party to raise funds for the local service project you do with your friends!

man and women looking at pies, Alsace, Germany.

Posing beside their baked goods before a party near Worms, Germany, EuroTrip 2014 hosts show off their baking skills!


Parties are such fun! Throw them with your friends in an awesome city or wilderness! Or join one of ours, put on regularly throughout the summer to support our partner organizations and to fund the supplies for the volunteering we do!


All we can say is: It’s a blast!

(and for so many good causes)



General Curriculum

The General Curriculum is open to everyone and features some of the brightest minds in the world!

Sheriff and K9 Unit posing with boys and girls

The Young and Wild Expedition 2013 learned much about local law enforcement around the US through meeting with myriad police forces, asking questions, and getting to know officers around the US.

Attend weekly lectures, meet with local leaders in small groups, learn how to impact your world! Then apply your newfound knowledge to local projects in some of the coolest places on America’s coasts!

Want credit for you knowledge?









Service Projects

Service ensures you’ll engage locals in an authentic manner.


8 people standing in front of a house door


Help out around your host’s home after spending the night, or just get an indoor shower and get to know them over dinner. Many individual hosts will open their homes to you along the route. Just be sure to offer to help around the house or with dinner and you’ll have the best time getting to know the locals on a whole new level!

An attitude of service and a willingness to help ensures that you’ll engage locals in a meaningful way, and that they will appreciate getting to know you, too!

Connect with locals. Develop specific career skills. Learn success from service.



Work For Pay

#Adventure2016 is your summer job!

  • YP Marketing Consultant: Attend a 1-hour Webinar, distribute and create YP Promotional media and materials with intent to influence others to attend a Trip. This is also available as part of the Summer Work Program. We’ll pay you up to $100 per referral. 

Long lines on grass wait for food truck food like you already have friends

  • Entrepreneurship Program: We invite all would-be entrepreneurs to join the thousands of others interacting in real life on our traveling platform. We provide data on our demographic and will help you pinpoint how to create value for your peers. Bring knowledge and services like Massage or Cosmetology, or bring exquisite indulgences like homemade, organic cream soda! Let’s have a blast coming up with clever things to make and do for each other. You decide what and how you pay or are paid.

boy showing paper to intrigued old woman

  • Sponsored Targeted Marketing Specialist: The YP offers positions on targeted marketing campaigns for clients seeking to impact a particular area or demographic. The campaigns are often door to door or via  public information tables. These positions are a good way to interact with many locals in a particular area and can pay several thousand dollars in a summer.

Computer camping

  • Freelance; Work Remotely; Travelling Incubator: YP Base Camp uses hotspots to create Free Wi-Fi everywhere the top companies can get it to us. We’re not just a freelancer’s dream, we’re a freelancer’s office and incubator! Get new ideas from other artists and freelancers on the trip while you hang out around Base Camp in some of the world’s most beautiful places!
  • Person-to-person websites: Find jobs along the route! We research websites and work databases that offer temporary positions while you are in town!
  • Local Staffing: We partner with many local for-profits and small businesses to provide short-term staffing solutions – that means you could work for lots of companies in many places along the route! If you want work, we’ll help you find it!

It’s an invitation to a lifestyle as much as it is an invitation to help your neighbor.

5 Steps to Make It Happen!

1. Make your $200 Initial Deposit.                      Register!

2. Start interacting with others going on #Adventure2016!

3. Get organized: consult with trip leader Matt Friedlund about how to organize your program around your interests!

4. Make final payments by May 15, 2016. 

5. Join Orientation near Portland June 29-30.





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