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We're pretty sure that Contact is the only way humans survive. So Contact us, it's probably the only way we'll survive. But seriously, if no one ever contacted us, we'd be in rough shape. So think of it as your good deed for the day, a noble contribution to charity. Who knows, it might be the most valuable contribution you make today! So come on! Contact Us! 

If you don't have anything nice to say, then you shouldn't say it. That's a neat saying. But we don't mind if you don't follow it. In fact, the world is a better place, at times, because this rule isn't followed. So we encourage you to submit your negative feedback, too. We apologize, we really do aim to please everyone. But since we're still working on mastering the concept of moral or other states of human perfection, we appreciate your suggestions for improvement.

Another good reason to contact us is because of these clever little messages we tend to put at the bottom of our pages. Stuff for the real connoisseur, the real adventure enthusiast, the truly curious, the amazingly awesome - you! We think you're great, thanks for perusing our site so thoroughly, and thanks for being interested in making an impact in the world. That's a big reason we're so fond of you. That, well, and your smile 🙂 In other news, we'll be changing this stuff from time to time, you know, so we can update the secret messages at the bottom of many of our pages in order to continue communicating with you, our secret communication receivers. Don't worry, we're pretty sure this is how the best messages get communicated, secretly, subtly, under peoples' noses. We'll have the most fun!

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