Continental Careers

Continental Careers are the most meaningful careers in the travel industry.

Join a team of executives setting up a route around a continent!

Continental Careers of three men holding bikes above heads on Cannon Beach, OR after completing their first Routes Around Continents tour in 2010

Matt and Andy Friedlund, with friend Morgan Jones, completed what would become the first Continental Career tour in 2010 after cycling across the Northern US.

Think you’ve got what it takes to lead a route around a continent for The YP?

We’ll give you (with a team of 4-5 others) money to go around a continent and plan a route for us!

If you’re interested, join us now!


The return on investment is unparalleled in the adventure and travel industries. But besides money, you’ll join a movement of friends who are changing social dynamics by making travelling the world the norm – one continent at a time.