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Discounts and Jobs – you could make money traveling the world!

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Do This!

Get This Much!



$15 per blog

Blog about your whole experience – the thinking going into the General Curriculum proposal, the training exercises you’re doing, and, of course, your overall preparation for the Adventure. Give us your ideas, thoughts, feelings, and document your adventure experience!

  Blogs must be: 

×   300+ words 

×    1+ picture or video

×    SEO Optimized

       or shared by 10+

       people on social




$5 per workout!

Document your exercise on your favorite app! We’ll pay for exercise that is: 

×    Running/Walking: 3+


×    Cycling: 10+ miles

×    Kayaking: per trip


General Curriculum Proposal


Available February 2016, this helps you to organize and think through what knowledge and skills you’ll pursue via the curriculum, service work, and plethora of new places! We’ll give you the document, just fill it out!

That’s right, you can get discounts by getting excited about and preparing for the Summer Trip. Start training, start thinking about how you want to learn and grow personally and professionally next summer. You’ll get so much more out of the Adventure – and legitimate career experience!

So come on – make your Initial Deposit and join the #Adventure2016 community!

Other Discounts

Pick and Choose which YP Platform Services you use – only pay for the ones you need!

YP Platform Service You Go Without

Discount You Get


(You provide all your own food and water)


Chase Vehicle/Bus Service

(You transport yourself and carry all your belongings – i.e. like an adventure cyclist)


Discounts are applied after the $200 Initial Deposit is received and before the Final Payment is received. The appropriate discount is deducted from the final payment.

Work For Pay

Travel is the ideal Summer Job!

  • YP Marketing Consultant: Attend a 1-hour Webinar, distribute and create YP Promotional media and materials with intent to influence others to attend a Trip. This is also available as part of the Summer Work Program. We’ll pay you up to $100 per referral. (Note: this is only eligible to established YP Marketing Consultants).
  • Entrepreneurship Program: We invite entrepreneurs to join the thousands of others interacting in real life on our traveling platform. We provide data on our demographic and will help you pinpoint how to create value for your peers. Bring knowledge and services like Massage or Cosmetology, or bring exquisite indulgences like homemade, organic cream soda! Let’s have a blast coming up with clever things to make and do for each other. You decide what and how you pay or are paid.

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  • Sponsored Targeted Marketing Specialist: The YP offers positions on targeted marketing campaigns for clients seeking to impact a particular area or demographic. The campaigns are often door to door or via a public information tables. These positions are a good way to interact with many locals in a particular area and can pay several thousand dollars in a summer.

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  • Freelance or work remotely: YP Base Camp uses hotspots to create Free Wi-Fi everywhere the top companies can get it to us. We’re not just a freelancer’s dream, we’re a freelancer’s office and incubator! Get new ideas from other artists and freelancers on the trip while you hang out around Base Camp in some of the world’s most beautiful places!

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  • Person-to-person websites: Find jobs along the route! We research websites and work databases that offer temporary positions while you are in town! We also partner with local organizations to provide short-term staffing solutions. We are always looking to provide you with Work For Pay along the route.
  • Local Staffing: We partner with many local for-profits and small businesses to meet their staffing needs – that means you could work for lots of companies in many places along the route! If you want work, we’ll help you find it!


Make your Initial Deposit today so we can meet you at the next Webinar or put you on our US Tour list!        Register!