Ethical Breakthrough At Yale Could Change Your World

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Our Founder, Matt Friedlund, was studying ethics at Yale University when he had a big idea. His ethical breakthrough at Yale could change your world – Literally. Because it simply involves showing it to you. The whole thing. The idea is simply to make traveling the world accessible to everyone – so that everyone is able to travel the world, kind of like college, only without the massive price-tag. In fact, for many, it won’t necessarily even have a price tag.

To Move Toward World Peace, We Need To Know The World

This isn’t about globalization or weird one-government stuff. This is simply pointing out that if we’re going to fix the world’s most serious problems, we’re going to need to understand them. And to understand them we need to go and see them. Study them, work on them, yes, but studying them from dusty academic halls, or working on them remotely doesn’t do the trick. We must have first hand knowledge about the world. We must go and see. Go and study. Go and work. And we need to do it en masse – not leave it up to the elites or most privileged in society. Because let’s be honest, if a dearth of people go and see they can’t help but create a dearth of ideas.

If You Met Thousands Of People On Each Continent Ethics Would Skyrocket

Most of us think of ethics in the “negative” sense. The restrictive sense. The “don’t do that” sense. Don’t break the rules. But Ethics is also about doing what’s right. What’s best. What reaps the gigantic benefits for all. Ethics is about potential. About where we can go, what we can do, what we can create and be and love. And in that sense, ethics can tap limitless potential. And think about it, what would allow humanity to tap into limitless potential? Limitless collaboration and creativity? Duh. Meeting each other. How can you collaborate with people you’ve never met? How can you help people you don’t understand? Making traveling the world accessible to people is the first step toward world peace simply because it puts us in touch with others and it allows us to understand the direction we need to move in.

We’re Making Traveling The World Accessible To Everyone

people crossing a bridge in Grand Canyon.

But not just any type of travel. Think about it, does the guy ranting about the “culture” in Angkor Wat while he spends ten times the local yearly wage really see the place? Does he really travel? To be honest, we’re not sure. But it’s not how we travel. To ensure that we actually meet people and actually engage them and their community, we follow a few specific ethics. You know, ’cause if you’re traveling with guns to fight, or with money to wave your status around, well, we’re certainly not arguing that that type of travel could initiate world peace. Here’s how we travel:

Service – We do tons of service projects. Tons. But not because we think it actually helps. Just because we know that people don’t mind allowing us to visit if they know we’re going to do their chores. We’re going to make life easier. Better. In a physical sense. Because even when a traveler makes a mistake, it’s not as big a deal when you know they mean well. And it’s easy to know they mean well when they’re cleaning out your gutters.

Education – We learn! So much! Officially (like college credit), and just for fun (like listening to local experts speak on an issue). We read about the places we visit. Because for some reason it’s way cooler when we learn things for ourselves. Cities and memorials are way cooler when we understand their significance. The wilderness is way cooler when you understand the species, the history, and the sacredness.

Community – Community makes travel safe, comfortable, and inexpensive. It makes it way more fun. And it provides a legitimate platform for artistic or professional success, activism, engagement, education and service. It makes this whole thing possible. Community has always been the key to human life. It only makes sense that it’s the key to ethical advancement.

Health – We focus on health. Our personal health. The planet’s health. Physical health. Mental health. Spiritual/Emotional health. Like, we’ve got mad workouts for you, with some of the most beautiful scenery. And Dieticians and Nutritionists, Trainers and Athletes, Mentors and Counselors and Spiritual Guides. Seriously. It’s time to start taking your health seriously!

Accessibility – Accessibility is what it’s all about, otherwise we’ll never get to a point where people can actually meet thousands of others on each continent. So seriously – we’re making it accessible to everyone! Get involved!

#Adventure2016 Needs You!

#Adventure2016 route map

#Adventure2016 is our first step to making traveling the world accessible to everyone. Everyone wants to see America – and most American’s haven’t even seen it! – so we’re starting there. And we’re seeing most of it, a few miles at a time, all during summer 2016. Think you can’t afford it? You can! We work with sponsors to allow you to blog, train, or study something specific in our General Curriculum for whatever you can’t afford. And our substantial network around America means we can help you get a summer job! As in actually make money! Don’t have the time to join for the whole summer? Join for a week! Or a day! The service projects need you! And think of the things you could learn from our local leader-speaker series. Or our academic speaker series. Or our international community of friends. And if you can’t travel to us, we’ll come to you! (Seriously, we’ll send representatives from our platform to your community as our route travels nearest to you).

Get Involved!

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Say you’ll join us! Seriously, just say it on social media. Share a status saying that you’re joining – for a day, for a project, or for the whole trip! Or if you’re not one for words, share this post!





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