Ethically Traveling The World

Ethically Traveling the World in China

At The YP, we’re working to make ethically traveling the world an accessible way to educate people for passion-filled, life-long careers in solving the next generations’ serious global problems.

people crossing a bridge in Grand Canyon.

We’re trying to achieve this by offering accredited liberal arts curriculum and (professional) service projects via our “adventure” trips around continents. Many young (and “old”!) people join our trips, if only because it’s such an inexpensive, fun (and safe!) way to see a continent. It’s great for people who are looking to have fun, but it’s also geared toward those who want to work–professionally, physically, intellectually, personally, you name it, we’re a platform, trying to help you develop any aspect of yourself you’re willing to grow. We cater to the young and under-funded, but we recruit “Mentors” (anyone not quite “young”) heavily, and rely on their acumen for much.

Golden Gate Bridge

The primary trips run during the three summer months, and are priced with a $2,000-$3,000 per person per summer target in mind. (That’s less than many apartments for 3 months). Ideally, participants will be able to take advantage of internship and work-for-pay programs throughout the summer (some people make an above-average summer wage doing marketing or sales); this corresponds nicely with being able to see the majority of a continent. The more fully you participate with us, the more we’ll all see together and the more we’ll all grow together.

We set up our internships so that it is also easy to participate in one of a few different curriculums (acredited and not). The accredited curriculum is meant to supplement core Liberal Arts requirements (philosophy, literature, religion); but it is also meant to stimulate the larger adventure community to thoughtful and meaningful discussion. Education and meaningful (paid or volunteer) work pair together nicely as a foundation for a robust community.

Meadow near Seattle, WA

We are about making traveling the world accessible—and we’re about doing it ethically!

If we’re going to solve today’s serious global issues, if we’re going to talk seriously about ending things like extreme poverty, or obviate the immanent clean-water crisis; if we’re ever going to understand things like climate change or environmental crises, if we’re going to produce thoughtful, positive solutions for the entire planet and its inhabitants, then we need to go and study. We need to go and see how things really are in the world. If the public is going to be informed, if the average engineering student is going to contribute to a global solution of a serious problem, then she is going to need to develop a global perspective. If we are going to imagine differently, we must see differently. And for most of us, that just means going and seeing anywhere at all. So let’s do it ethically, and let’s do it well.

Come adventure with us!

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