Businesses and Organizations

Yale School of Management at night

Businesses and Organizations

Are you local along

one of our routes?

You want your lines to resemble this!

Long lines on grass wait for food truck food

We’re a large group, and we’re coming through your town!
Contact us to know how we can serve you – financially or voluntarily!

Community Organizations, do you need volunteer power, but don’t have the capacity to organize everyone?

4 people painting a room inside a house

No worries!


We do any type of volunteer service, already have National background checks, and easy communication means our Volunteer Leaders are experienced communicators!


Contact us to sign up for free Volunteer Service!


Businesses, do you need a targeted marketing campaign that inherently engages competitor’s customers?

boy showing paper to intrigued old woman

We are businesses’ dream partnership!

Our group is inherently interesting! Engaging! Newsworthy! We’re traveling around the continent doing service projects, studying a curriculum and raising money for myriad communities! We’re interesting, intelligent, well trained individuals attending some of the best universities in America and around the world! We are participating in The YP’s Summer Work Program, which means we have Background Checks and have met The YP’s rigorous Program requirements.

We have the capacity to put your product or service in front of thousands of people because we are already engaging them intellectually, through service and large parties!

In Ireland, they call that type of placement, well, Beautiful!Irish Beauty

We’re the best Targeted Marketing company because we’re not nearly that dull! We’re doing something inherently interesting and beneficial to society, come and help!

We also Provide Staffing!

Does your research need access to thousands of young minds? Or, maybe you just need a bunch of honest, hard-working folk to help out on a project?


We’re from some of the best schools in the country, we’re well traveled, and we’re living in and contributing to a culture of curiosity, passion and excellence.

people in suits posing in front of Yale's Woolsey Hall

You want to get involved with us!

Here’s how it works

  1. Contact Us!
  2. Our industry specialists will work with you to customize a proposal to solve your marketing, staffing, or research decision problem.
  3. You Approve it.
  4. We ensure the accomplishment of the proposal during one of our Summer Adventure Trips!

PLUS: We each ensure that a generation of young people grow up having seen the whole world before they graduate into a professional career.