Churches and Religious Organizations

First Chuch of Milford from across the pond

Hey Churches and Religious Organizations –

We are Pastors!

Pastoring posing in pastoral robes

The Reverend Christian Watkins directs our programming for Youth and Churches.

We can guarantee robust Missions experiences!

We offer unique experiences for Youth and Religious Groups on our routes!

Get the same access to service project and curriculum benefits, with the added comfort of your own separate travel and accommodations.

Man holding fire torch on roof in Mexico

We help Youth Groups grow spiritually within their own traditions, and gently and respectfully expose young people to different religious ideas. You’ll hear your own theology, and you’ll hear some other perspectives. You’ll worship in your own style, and you can worship in other styles. You can share your own perspective, and you can listen to others.

Seder Dinner Table

Come eat with us! A Jewish host prepares Seder Dinner for the Young and Wild Expedition 2013.


Our Ethic is one of love and relationship: To expose other people to other people. We work with conservative evangelicals and liberal protestants, we also work with Muslims and Jews and Atheists.



Churches & Religious Organizations having worship

A few Adventurers attend the church founded by Christian Watkins during her time at Yale Divinity School.



Our diversity means you’ll have a spiritual leader from your tradition, but you’ll get to work and hang out with people from other churches, denominations or religions.


Churches and Religious Organizations meet in a church in New Haven, CT

5 Steps To Make It Happen!


  1. Contact Us! We’ll tailor a trip for you and your group!
  2. We’ll provide whatever you need (packages start at $250/person per week)
  3. Arrive at the point you choose to begin!
  4. A given week includes: 1-4 substantial service projects, Spiritual Director from your theological tradition, lectures from spiritual leaders and other intellectuals, access to a college-accredited course on the Bible (throughout whole summer).
  5. Join us as long as you like!