Thrill Seekers and Individual Explorers

party on sand around bonfire


Have a Good Time with other Thrill Seekers and Individual Explorers!

Seeking Thrills means seeing and learning about your unknown.

Exploring means going and seeing, learning, and engaging!


3 female Thrill Seekers & Explorers around a fire

Three friends sit around a campfire deep in the woods in Pennsylvania.

Our platform means you have fun with thousands of new friends – from the place you are staying in and from around the world! It keeps you safe, is cheaper than normal life, helps you help others, engages intellectual and social issues seriously, and helps you get into shape and get healthy!


What’s cooler than partying with friends? 


Hanging with friends all summer while you’re traveling around a continent and doing cool, useful stuff!

Leon McCarron's crazy face shows he is one of the Thrill seekers & Individual Explorers


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