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A Robust Intellectual Environment, Day Missions Room, Yale University

“Where’s a gap in the educational curriculum of many Universities and Colleges? Rarely is anyone able to physically go investigate the veracity of the claims which they are presented.”

LB Reading Room

We are working to make “graduated from college” imply also that one has “seen the world” and learned in its classroom!

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We form robust partnerships with trade schools, art institutes, universities and colleges who are interested in creating a more accessible, more educational model that is equally hands on and theoretical. With your help, we can connect students to the cultures, companies and communities they are learning about!



Services to Universities and Colleges


  • Individual Online, in-person or hybrid courses from a range of subjects
  • We can provide professors; either from the Ivy League, Ox-Bridge, or with Tenure
  • A Robust Intellectual Culture
  • Students’ Access to World-Class Mentors
  • The ability to educate a generation of college-graduates who have also seen the world without noticeably contributing to student loan debt


Partnership with The YP allows all Universities and Colleges to offer a world-class education.

Yale University, sterling library, main hall of Universities & Colleges



5 Steps To Make It Happen

  1. Get in touch with us!
  2. Students sign up and pay for your course just like normal!
  3. Students also sign up and pay for our trip just like normal!
  4. We lavishly accommodate your personnel (come on, who doesn’t want to travel in comfort? with their family?)
  5. You give the students credit/grades for the course*