How We Make Traveling Accessible To Everyone

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If you’ve heard of us, you might be wondering how we make traveling accessible to everyone – and we’re so glad you asked! Because how we make traveling accessible to everyone is also at the core of the way we do things. And it’s also the way we contribute so much to so many communities, organizations and individuals.

How We Make Traveling Accessible To Everyone

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We travel in Community! Life is more fun with friends! It’s also safer, less expensive, and when the community turns their attention to accomplishing a task, it’s way more productive! So our platform makes traveling accessible to thousands – and that makes it that much less expensive for everyone! It also allows people to get resources they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, like purchasing in bulk and splitting costs.




This is how we make our pricing accessible to everyone. We offer discounts to people who are willing to work and do their own thing, and we offer to pay people (via discounts off the total price) to prepare for the trip (blog, train, filling out the General Curriculum proposal).  So we start the cost at $3,500 per person per summer (or 3+ weeks), and then we offer them discounts for the services they won’t use. Many people can work down their total price to under $2,000 for the whole summer! We offer Internships – see next – which allow people to come for free. So if someone wants to pursue other endeavors – i.e. not do an internship – they’re able to work down their final price to whatever they can afford. In many cases, traveling around a continent with us can be cheaper than the cost of living in your college town during the summer!


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Interns come for free! We have all kinds of internships! Internships fit nicely with allowing people to work down there total price – interns come for free because we give them about $3,500 worth of work to do! It’s the same concept behind allowing people to work down their final price, it’s just more organized. Of course, internships are also about learning to contribute value to a company, to communities and to every-day individuals. Interns are how we hope to train future YP leaders and to make traveling the world accessible for everyone for generations to come!

Volunteer Service


When you’re willing to engage with someone and make their life better much less money is required. It’s why you sleep on your friends couch instead of purchasing a hotel when you’re in their city, even if they’re not the main reason you’re there. Volunteer service works similarly – we don’t need to spend as much money to stay in some of the places we stay in because of the significant amount of work we do. Of course, the financial aspects aren’t the only reasons volunteer service helps to make traveling accessible. It also helps individuals to meet and engage under positive circumstances. So instead of flaunting wealth or being way under-dressed – two social faux-pas most people will run into if they’re traveling around a whole continent – coming in and serving makes a trip much safer and much more fun! It also ensures sustainability – communities are keen to have our traveling community back the following year simply because of the good work!

College Classes

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Taking college courses actually makes traveling the world more accessible than it might otherwise seem. Students can often use tuition money to cover the slight added cost, in this case, of taking a course on the road like they might use it to pay for expensive books or technical equipment. College is accessible to many people simply because the US government loans out money – and sometimes for no return on investment. When your taking a college course while traveling around a continent, which aspect is generating the most knowledge value? The going around the continent or the class? It’s hard to say. And that’s our point – we’ve clearly added a lot of value to college courses by making them accessible while traveling around a continent, which is also to say that traveling the world is more accessible when it’s paired with accredited education. That’s right – sometimes you just need the right people to get behind you to make something accessible.

General Curriculum

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How does the General Curriculum help us make traveling accessible to people? Well, it doesn’t play a major role. But so much of what makes something accessible has to do with perceived value. The General Curriculum allows you to meet brilliant, sometimes internationally renowned, local experts and leaders – and meeting remarkable leaders certainly adds value. So even though it’s not as obvious, as, say, getting you a Summer Job, we still think it goes a long way in making traveling the world accessible to people. It also allows us to pass on a lot of knowledge for how travel can be accessible to people. And that’s a big deal because knowledge makes a lot of things accessible – just like a lack of knowledge makes a lot of things inaccessible.

Summer Jobs!

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This might seem self-explanatory. People need to work because they need to make money to live. Having a summer job while you’re traveling around a continent makes traveling accessible simply because it allows you to afford it! It’s wild, we know. Check out the summer jobs here!



When two leadership team members Matt and Leon first met, it didn’t take them long to realize the power adventure had to make traveling accessible to everyone. They knew this inherently because they were each from poor backgrounds and they met while Leon was cycling around the world and Matt was cycling across America. They each spent about $5 a day! And while we’ve come a long way since then, and now realize that extreme adventure travel isn’t actually very accessible to many people (often simply because they don’t like it or wouldn’t otherwise think to do it), we still use an adventure-style platform! Adventure-style means we’re not caught up in spending money for weird luxuries that make little difference to one’s personal experience – it also means that we’re able to take travel ethics seriously. It means we use less fossil fuels. It means we eat healthier food. It means we use less resources. And it means that we’re easily able to explore the places on earth that are being impacted negatively by over-consumption. In short, adventure-style travel allows us not only to make traveling accessible to people, but to help them understand their impact on the world and the communities they might not otherwise travel through.


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We collaborate with everyone that we can! We’ve already mentioned that we do service projects for every non-profit or individual who needs us, but collaboration goes so far beyond that! We collaborate with big for-profits to make traveling accessible to everyone, too. In fact, they supply a lot of the summer jobs! And we collaborate with the places we stop – to ensure they get a positive return on investment from hosting us, but also because traveling around a continent isn’t accessible to anyone if no one is willing to host! We collaborate with universities and schools and literally everyone who will work with us! Collaboration is at the heart of making traveling the world accessible to everyone.


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