Our Adventure-Style Platform

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Spread love. Literally. Serve and learn and engage communities around continents.

  1. Travelling the World, getting a college degree, and working toward a meaningful career are no longer mutually exclusive. We are doing it.
  2. You could see both the #WestCoast and the #EastCoast of America next summer for less than $2,000!
  3. Right. You could volunteer and work, you could study something, you could get into shape, you could do anything you think of – all while chillin’ with your friends in some of America’s most beautiful spaces.
  4. People should be unhappy because they choose to be, not because they hate their job.
  5. Those travellers that engage the widest array of others are likely to flourish the most.
  6. If future employees are going to solve future problems, a wide and working knowledge of the globe will be necessary.
  7. Graduating from college should imply that one has also seen the world, and learned from its classroom, too!
  8. If we are to teach ourselves to love or feed or clothe others, we must first go and experience the humanity of the other!
  9. Going and Seeing is the new Knowing!
  10. Developing Markets generate tomorrow’s wealth!
  11. The best investors must also be explorers.
  12. Tomorrow’s Leaders are Travelling the World Today!
  13. Our summer adventures cost $2,000-$4,000 USD, multiplied by 6 (for 6 continents), means that you could see all 6 continents during your summers for something like $12,000 before 2020. The more people join, the cheaper it gets!
  14. The Well-Traveled have traditionally held elite status in society – it’s time that privilege be extended to everyone!
  15. You don’t understand spiritual feeling until you’ve worshipped under the stars in the wilderness.
  16. Many people are so intrigued by travel by human power that you can’t help but make new friends when you arrive in a new place.
  17. Comment to add to the list! We’ll update it as it grows!


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