#SmugVegetarians, WHO, and Taking Your Health Seriously!

#SmugVegetarians, WHO, and Taking Your Health Seriously! These are all coming together in #Adventure2016!

Yesterday the World Health Organization release a report that linked red and processed meats to a higher risk of cancer. #SmugVegetarians took to twitter. And, admittedly, we joined them. Sort of. Because between #SmugVegetarians, WHO, and Taking Your Health Seriously! – we’re mostly in support of the latter.

But we’d like to do more than just mention in 140 characters that we’re going away from meat in our #Adventure2016 menu. Because it’s a lot bigger than meat! (And, let’s be honest, plenty of us will be eating meat next summer). We want to join the conversation – and we want to engage others who want to take their health seriously!

And taking your health seriously has to do with a lot more than meat!

#SmugVegetarians, WHO, and Taking Your Health Seriously!

Paleo folk are likely to point a few things out about the WHO report. First, that the study most clearly condemns processed meats – which aren’t types of meats found in the paleolithic era anyway. Otherwise, they might just point to the way red meat – the kind that is “probably” linked to cancer – is raised in today’s conditions. It might be because of the conditions today’s meat is raised in.

Or maybe you’re just wondering – What can we eat?

 Food. Body-Image. Lifestyle. Health.


These things are all inextricably linked! That’s why #Adventure2016 is built to help you take your health seriously!

Open yourself up to living a healthy life, even if that means making changes in your diet. All we ask is that you investigate your eating, lifestyle and overall health seriously! Reflect. Explore. Learn. Then diet and exercise as much as you want (or don’t!) We’re just here to help you take your health seriously!

Here are 7 ways that #adventure2016 helps you to Take Your Health Seriously!


1. #Adventure2016 Encourages You To Move Physically Through The World. (If you want).

people crossing a bridge in Grand Canyon.

#Adventure2016 is designed by professional adventurers who are used to walking or using some human-powered device to power their way across continents! Our buses are designed to carry your bike or encourage you to walk/run along the route as far as you can (we’ll pick you up when you get tired). After all, the #Adventure2016 route is planned with the cyclist or runner in mind: about 50 miles a day along some of the most beautiful back roads in the United States.

2. Your Body Starts Feeling A Little Like A Machine – It Matters Which Fuel You Use. Funny Face and eating meat

The more you move through the world on your own, the more you understand the need to take care of your body – to eat things that make you feel better (instead of just taste good). Many times, in our day-to-day lives, we don’t have to eat healthy things because we don’t feel the immediate effects. Adventure, because it gives you the opportunity to live an active lifestyle, gives you the opportunity to investigate your eating decisions in a laboratory that expedites results!

The food we serve, for example, is nutritious enough to support a high-functioning individual who is cycling around a continent! (Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to be cycling to enjoy the food!)

3. Much Of The World’s Population Can’t Afford Meat!

Part of adventure is participating in other people’s lives. Actually participating, like living the way they do. In this case, it means eating an international diet of healthy food. And it means acknowledging that much of the rest of the world can’t afford food at all, let alone a nutritious, hearty cuisine traditionally eaten by their ancestors. It means going and seeing and living alongside of, it means sharing burdens and celebrating (and sharing) successes.Westart to have a real reaction to the fact that much of the world can’t afford meat – or may be actively harmed in the production of it – when you Go and See it. When you participate.

4. #Adventure2016 Gives You The Opportunity To Be Face-To-Face With Where Your Food Comes From!

Go investigate the way animals are treated. Go investigate farms we pass nearby. Go investigate rivers and other natural environments allegedly affected by agricultural chemicals. Go investigate the sources of your food, we’ll pass many of them. We travel to see – and that includes our food!

5. And The Impact It Has On The Environment!

Maybe you’ve heard about the “triple-whopper” environmental impact meat farming has on the planet. But you might also be aware of the impact the demand for Quinoa – a popular substitute for meat – in places like the United States is having on places like Chile or Peru. Quinoa was once a primary staple food, now most people can’t even afford it because demand in wealthier nations has jacked up the price! #Adventure2016 is the first step in making traveling the world accessible to everyone so that everyone has the opportunity to go and investigate.

6. #Adventure2016 Can Help Change Your Perspective On Health!

Silhouette of a woman doing yoga on the beach at sunset

#Adventure2016 will feature access to trained spiritual guides or mentors – people who are trained in a religious or secular emotional or spiritual guidance tradition (e.g. phsychologists, pastors, spiritual guides, counselors) – can help you think through your approach to health, or life in general. So let’s think about meat. About your physical health. But let’s also think about your mental, emotional, or spiritual health!

7. #Adventure2016 Can Change Your Lifestyle!

Oh, for certain! Traveling through some of the most beautiful places on earth, with some of the best people you’ve ever met, with the opportunity to participate in activities that can be as rigorous as you want them to be – #Adventure2016 is your opportunity! #Adventure2016 can change your health, your perspective on food, and your interaction with the world. So eat meat if you want, but consider observing the differences in your body when you don’t. We’re all learning to take our health seriously, and we’re willing to think about our health, fitness, and eating habits differently if that’s what health requires. So come on – let’s all do this together!

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