Take Your Health Seriously

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Take Your Health Seriously!

Our emphasis on Human Power means that Dieticians and Nutritionists and Trainers and Athletes get involved to help everyone rethink their health and fitness!

Adventure is organic!

Real food, like the stuff that grows out of the ground and doesn’t have weird manufactured sugars or additives. That’s what we serve. Basic food. Our Chef puts together top-quality ingredients from around the world, so your diet is as international and awesome as your new friends.



Adventure is the best workout!

Think you can’t beat your current gym circuit? Ha! Try trail running, mountain climbing with a 40-pound pack, or cycling in the Cascades! Then try Yoga or Circuit Training at 12,000 feet! Join up with some fitness folks and make up your own Adventure-Workouts, or join some awesome fitness coaches on ours! Adventure simply involves the body’s natural movements, so your bones, joints and ligaments suffer very minimal damage compared to other workouts. And there’s no question the scenery is the most beautiful!



Adventure considers Holistic Health!

You’ll grow to understand and relate to your physical body much differently on an Adventure. Moving by Human Power, even for short periods of time, puts us in touch with the natural environment, our own physical strength, and the thoughtful, slow process of moving through the world at a human’s pace. Exploring the natural world helps us to consider the health of ourselves, others and the planet in a new light!


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How Do You Use Adventure to take your health seriously!?


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