The YP Mission Statement

Abe Lincoln and The YP Manifesto's version of the bixby canyon bridge

                       We make traveling

                        the world accessible

                          to everyone.

“The YP Mission Statement”

“We’re working to make travelling the world
an accessible way to educate people
for passion-filled careers
in solving serious global problems.”

Travel has the potential to initiate world peace.

It puts us in community with other communities.

It educates us.

And it provides opportunities to work in new places, to learn new skills and refine old ones.

But the reality is, travel isn’t accessible to most people. It’s too expensive. It’s not safe. Or it’s not practical because we downplay its potential for work and learning and emphasize consumerist vacation-ism.

Uh, That’s stupid.

It’s stupid that many leaders are making decisions regarding places and people they’ve never visited, let alone engaged. It’s stupid that many students spend their summers in uninspiring summer jobs or classes. And it’s stupid that travel isn’t accessible to the majority of us.

So we’re setting up safe and inexpensive routes around continents that provide robust opportunities to advance your career, to study for fun or for credit, and that allow you to take your physical health seriously while having a blast in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

So think about it—if we all started travelling, actually engaging instead of just consuming, if we stopped being terrified of the “others” over there, if we actually went and investigated our opinions and beliefs and learned to work together, well, we think that’s a necessary first step if world peace is ever to be a reality.

So join us next summer for the Adventure of a lifetime—and then do it again the following summer. That’s right—the idea is to show you the six continents over the next few years, and all for less than a year in college!

The YP Mission Statement is a concrete blueprint toward a better world. Toward World Peace. Toward your dreams. So let’s go see some awesome places!




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