We Need Your Help!

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We Need Your Help!

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We think that if traveling the world was accessible to everyone then our education would be “World Class” (pun intended) and we could develop valuable skills needed to solve serious cultural and global issues threatening our future. Besides making people more empathetic via physical connection, the comprehensive knowledge we need of the world to understand economic, social, cultural, and basic day-to-day ties we have with each other around the globe.

We’re Making Traveling The World Accessible To Everyone

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And we actually mean everyone. Not just wealthy (global) Northerners with passports and expendable income. We aim to overcome passport issues and help governments allow traveling the world  to be accessible to everyone. But that also means people who couldn’t otherwise travel. People who don’t have the right expertise. People who aren’t able (or interested) to go by human power. People who can’t financially afford to travel. But also for people who are ambitious, curious, passionate. People who want to learn. Who want to work in unique situations. Who want to work to solve our generations serious global issues. Who want to provide thousands of hours of volunteer service to so many cities and towns. Who want to bridge the gap between themselves and “others” they haven’t been exposed to physically but impact with their daily decisions. People who think we could make the world better.

Starting Next Summer With #Adventure2016

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You might know that we’ve been doing bicycle trips across continents since we started. We’ve done more than 20,000 miles on foot and bicycle around Europe and America since we started in 2012. We’ve made thousands of connections in hundreds of places. We can make our routes around continents available to everyone – and it starts next summer with #Adventure2016 (and cool buses!). Help others. Help yourself. Go around America. Go from there around the world with friends. Together we can make travelling the world accessible to everyone. And when everyone has access to travel, when everyone joins with their friends, they gain access to a voice. To a platform to engage leaders. To sight. To the ability to create positive, informed change in the world. And that’s pretty cool.

But Nothing Happens Without You!

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Seriously. We need you. Volunteer to spend 1-2 hours a week working on one specific thing that you enjoy. Work with friends. Marketing to Operations to Blogging to Designing funny shirts or flyers. Use our platform to build your own brand. You name it, we need your talents! Get free vacation next summer. Or whatever you want. Help to provide thousands of hours of help to places around America. Help give life to an adventure model that inherently makes travelling the world accessible to everyone. That allows people to work instead of pay – or just allows them to work for pay, like a summer job.

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