What We Do

Ethical Travel through Canyonland, Utah

What We Do is make travelling the world an accessible way to educate young people to solve the next generations global problems!



What we do is set up routes around continents.

What We Do is set up this bike route from London, England to Istanbul, Turkey.

The routes provide access to

  • College Courses meant to fulfil Core requirements of Liberal Arts curricula and a General Curriculum that features some of the brightest minds in the world in their hometowns!
  • All kinds of cool volunteer service opportunities–from marketing to tutoring to manual labor!
  • Fundraiser parties! (Usually to raise funds for the service projects)
  • Expert Leadership from Professional Adventurers!
  • Healthy, Tasty Food
  • Safe, Dry Camp (and environmentally friendly showers!)
  • An eclectic, international community of friends who are also interested in having a good time, investigating serious global issues, and working hard toward contributing to their solutions.

Travel, together with service, community, education and human power, can change a lot. 

These things also make travel accessible.

Golden Gate Bridge

If we’re going to solve today’s serious global issues, if we’re going to talk seriously about ending things like extreme poverty, if we’re ever going to understand things like climate change or environmental crises, if we’re going to find thoughtful, peaceful solutions for the entire planet and its inhabitants, then we need to go and see the world. We need to go and see how things really are in the world. We cannot solve what we cannot understand, and we cannot understand what we have not seen. If we are going to imagine differently, we must see differently. And for most of us, that just means going and seeing at all. 

So come adventure with us!