Adventure is the core of our platform!

Woman on Mountain top in Asia

It makes traveling the world accessible – and it means you actually engage the places you visit. Talk to the people. Engage the planet. Just going and seeing the world is an adventure. So it’s imperative that adventure is our core!


Adventure means seriously exercising your right to Human Power!Man on touring bicycle on coast of Florida

Human power means going yourself. This requires a certain level of fitness, and many people aren’t there yet. Our trips inherently emphasize (never require) the benefits of becoming physically fit, of eating and exercising well, and the necessity of treating the earth well. We encourage more kayaking, cycling and hiking and less burning of fossil fuels. (But of course you can always ride on our buses – or join a team with a chase car!).


Adventure is the best diet!


Dieticians and Nutritionists ensure you get delicious food that properly sustains and nourishes your human body. Food is how you feel. Food is about real life! That’s why all the food served on YP trips has the right amount of protein and complex carbohydrates to restore the energy and build the muscle you have been using while exploring all day! Your Chef does this by presenting a different scrumptious, international dish for each day of the week!

Adventure makes your lifestyle more sustainable!

tent picture

Our Manson-Tent, complete with sustainable showers, creates a safe, warm and dry environment without harming the wilderness you are passing through! Also stay with individual and organizational hosts in local towns. Form teams and take your own excursions. And, of course, take advantage of niche or luxury cafes and accommodations in some of the most beautiful places around America. Our platform is set up to give you a direct understanding of the resources you use in day-to-day life, and help you to appreciate local excellence as you confront regions with scarcity and abundance..

Adventure makes you more accessible to others!


Local people are always interested in what you are doing! Don’t be surprised when they initiate conversation or invite you and your friends over for dinner! Volunteering for a local charity, hosting a lecture, or inviting a local family to the community party later in the evening are all great ways to make friends and grow your network around America!

So Come Adventure! The World Needs You!