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We believe that any community, if intentional, can be a serious force for good in the world. We believe this generation has access to the tools necessary to end things like extreme poverty, social injustice, and environmental crises. But in order to understand realistic, beneficial solutions to major global issues we must go and see what actually needs to be done. We must go and see so that we may know, understand, empathize, celebrate and love. We must go and see if ignorance is to be broken down, courage summoned, and problems solved.

So Let’s Go and See as a Community!

people sit around a table at nursing home

A Community whose goal is to move toward something like “World Peace.”

Yeah. World Peace. (Just keep smiling!)

Miss Kansas 2014

The problem is, we’re not quite sure what that looks like yet.

In fact, we’ve noticed that one solution for peace, forced on people, well—the results haven’t been stellar.
party on sand around bonfire
As a Community, we strive to be a platform for real world engagement, exchanges of ideas and goods and services, of useful, positive interaction for communities local and around the world.

We’re a movement of friends intentionally seeing the world—as ethically as possible—with the intention of finding solutions to major global problems.


5 people stopped at a red light while on bicycles

So here’s the deal. We’re pretty sure you’ll fit with us somewhere. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening under the auspices of traveling the world. Join us! Then find where you fit – come invent!

Now come on, let’s go have a party!