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Education is Everything!

So let’s take that seriously, and make sure future generations are actually educated about the world, not just holed up in classrooms hearing about odd ideas from eccentric types. (We can say that because we’re those people).

A Robust Intellectual Environment, Day Missions Room, Yale University

Let’s start actually learning about our ideas, our passions, our opinions, beliefs, and the impact we have on others.


Make with books and computer on adventure

Epic Crazy Expedition 2014 Co-Leader Elijah keeps up with his own education while on the road.

Or let’s get an education in politics! Let’s meet with government officials around our homes and around the world. Let’s investigate what works, where it works, and why. Let’s learn how the world structures itself. Or let’s get an education in art. Or music. Or religion. Or culture. Let’s read. Let’s engage and ask questions. Let’s Listen!

But let’s Go and See so that all of this learning and can actually happen!

celebrate going to get an education on the beach

Our Education Platform sets you up with some of the best professors for hybrid-learning summer courses that will blow your mind!

LB Education Room, Yale

The planet is more impressive than even the most beautiful of Reading Rooms. (LB Room, Yale).


Our Education Platform tours a continent to challenge your Theoretical Ideas with Real Life!

Sheriff and K9 Unit posing with boys and girls

Interacting with police forces around the world to get an idea of what makes effective policing just hasn’t been accessible…until now.


“You should study things you’re living, and you should verify what you’re studying in life. That’s how to master a skill. Learn. Do. Repeat.”


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Our courses are designed to meet most Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities’ Core curriculum requirements. They are taught by tenured faculty at excellent American schools, or recent graduates of doctoral programs at Ivy league or Oxford and Cambridge universities. We also provide teachers in technical and skilled labor – with really cool practical projects that help communities!


Whether you take a course for credit or not, Education drives YP culture.

Woman with diploma in front of Yale Divinity School

  Our General Curriculum  involves various projects and lectures from some of the brightest minds in the world in their hometowns. The General Curriculum let’s you take control of your education by helping you initiate projects and get in touch with people you’re interested in.

You won’t find a more stimulating place to be. We crave ideas. We love conversation. It inspires our work.

Come learn with us!