Work! Development! Success!

Grand Tetons with lake and fir branches in foreground.

Work! is the key to Development! is the key to Success! That’s Right … Work! Development! Success!

Work! Achievement! Success! all holding bikes above heads on Cannon Beach, OR

So if you want to be successful…

Do something interesting!

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It’s not cool that many of our souls need to be crushed for success. Nor is it cool that our definition of success includes so much waste, so many resources simply ruined because we have so much more than we need.

We think there’s a cooler conception of Work! Development! Success!

‘Cause think about it.

Our summer jobs shouldn’t be uninspiring. And we should be able to get one at all! Our time in college should not be an obstacle to seeing six continents, at least not for the money we’re paying. And companies should not stunt our potential to contribute by withholding opportunities to develop ourselves into great leaders.

man and woman on bicycles looking over cliff into Adriatic Sea

There’s so much to see out there! We have no time to waste! Let’s Go!

Our definitions of Work! Development! Success! have been obstacles to the education of our minds, perhaps also to the development of personal excellences. Opulence should not undermine our ability to have a good time, to develop our natural talents, and it shouldn’t scare us from trying wild ideas.

Man doing backflip overlooking Adriatic Sea

We define Work! Development! Success! in terms of sustainability. Success is how high the quality of your life is, how healthy you choose to be, how you are willing to contribute to others, how much you are enjoying your pursuits. Success is about work, sure. But it’s about work because it’s about relationships, because it allows you learn and appreciate, to maintain health and community and resources.

Success is not about More. Success is about Sustaining more than enough. 

So bring your skills and ideas and selves. And let’s work together toward a well-rounded, robust Success!

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