You already have friends

celebrate going to get an education on the beach




the world


You already have friends – Duh.

you already have friends sitting around a restaruant table


You don’t have to pursue your dreams alone!


Invite them to join you!

Long lines on grass wait for food truck food like you already have friends

And others from all over the world!

you already have friends like Leon McCarron in front of his

So get together and do work that informs your careers. Contribute to real value. Learn to capture it!

learning to capture value on camera two men on rocky beach

See the world. But do it with your friends. Do it with a happy heart.

you already have friends smiling like this on bikes beside road


celebrate going to get an education on the beach

It’s your life, you don’t have to suffer through it.

Come join a movement of friends who are learning to understand the world in order to make it a better place!

6 people in cycling uniforms posing outside with guest

Think about it. You already interact with people all around the world on the internet. Let's be honest, sometimes we like our friends on the internet better than our friends we see everyday. It's time to start taking advantage of our networks, really putting time and energy into developing them. Let's go and hang out in the places where our friends live, let's chill on the beach, in the mountains, and in the middle-of-nowhere places in between. The more connected we acknowledge we are, the better. So let's start doing things worth talking about, and let's do them together. 
Come Adventure!

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