YP Platform Services

 YP Platform Services are designed to pack as much life experience into an adventure as possible.

Our trips include our Pillars of Adventure: Service, Education, Fitness, Curiosity, Travel



#Adventure2016: YP Platform Services


What You Get Access To

Some Details

Experienced Leaders

We’ve been around the world, literally. We’ve trekked from Mongolia to Hong Kong, cycled and boated around the world, and spent years on the road. We’re happy to help you get involved in seeing the world at a pace that suits your needs!

Route Guidance and Preparation

Our buses take back roads to get from place to place. So you get the prettiest views of the out-of-the-way places! For those cycling, we cycle with you and provide a chase vehicle. In some instances we direct/stop traffic in busy sections or intersections. Pending group size, we always communicate and work with local authorities to ensure everything goes smoothly. We make use of apps and modern technology to make sure everyone is on the same page!


We collaborate with dietitians and nutritionists to provide healthy, often local and organic options that are high in protein, vegetarian and allergy-conscious. We also work with sponsors, and incentivize local artisans to make their services available to us directly, in case you’re on a foodie tour.


We believe you can’t really interact with a place in just one way – Camp + Host Homes + Hotels means you’ll see beautiful places from a unique perspective! (Shorter trips provide accommodation based on option preferences).

Access to Community Tools and Other Resources

With sufficient group size, we sell outdoor and basic bike equipment at cost. We also work discounts with local bike shops, in case you need something other than the basics. 

Chase Vehicles

We have cool buses you can put human-powered vehicles on. Go yourself as far as you are comfortable, we’ll pick you up when you’re tired! We’ll also carry 1 soft-case 50 lb bag (with tent and sleeping bag strapped to it) for each person. These also make for epic #MicroAdventures!


YP T-Shirts! Cycling Uniforms! Other Cool Merch! 

Service Projects

We’ve worked with all kinds of charities and NGOs around the world. On average, we offer 1-2 service opportunities per week. Shorter trips, or groups focusing on something besides service – e.g. taking a class – may have fewer service opportunities. Our largest trips have offer many hundreds of service hours each week in myriad fields (arts, ecological, manual labor, civil services, religious, public speaking—anything you’re interested in!). 

Cutting Edge Academic Curriculum

Accredited courses that are meant to meet most liberal arts “core” curriculum requirements. The 2016 General Curriculum will examine “What Makes a Life Worth Living?”. Professors spend time with their students each week relating the curricula, and will deliver lectures loosely based on the relation of the theme to their own work. 

Community Engagements

These are parties. We throw them for fun under our tent or in local establishments, sometimes several at a time around a town or city. The point is to raise funds for the service projects we’re doing in the area (and for our local partner Organizations).


Interns come for free!

  • Cooking/Food Service
  • Sales/Merchandising
  • Community Service (Volunteer Coordination, Site Organization, and more!)
  • Advertising and Communications (Social Media, Earned media, etc)
  • Bike Repairs
  • Film and Photography
  • First Aid
  • Many more! 

Inquire to info@theyp.org 


Work For Pay 

We’re working to make the summer job and travelling the world easily compatible! Our Summer Work Program is how we’ll register people so they can get paid for work on our marketing, consulting, or operations teams. 

If we can’t hire you, we help you get hired!

We partner with for-profit businesses with staffing needs to help you work in the places you want to work in!

Waste Disposal

Your waste, you know, we’ll take care of it. This includes maintaining “Leave No Trace” standards in all relevant areas.

Mentoring Services/ Spiritual Guides 

These are friendly folk with advanced degrees in things like religion or psychology or some sort of spiritual practice. Mostly they’re just knowledgeable and interesting to talk to, but they’re also trained in certain traditions or practices that can be life-changing! (Not available on all trips).


Orientation gets you prepared for adventure (safely)! It walks people through the process of eating/lodging, cycling on the road, doing the day-to-day; ensuring that people get assimilated and can complete service projects, are aware of events, parties, and meetings. This is also where they’re introduced to their professor/project manager if they’re participating in one of our programs.

YP Pre-Trip Information 

Your initial $200 deposit secures your spot in a community of others who are equally excited about your trip!

You get a pre-trip planning adviser, access to previous alumni, an online community group with everyone else on the trip, and in many cases, an in-person visit by a YP representative.

#MicroAdventures usually include a Free Initial Consultation, which allows the experience to be tailored to your group!

 Free Wi-Fi and Charging Generators

 We have a Wi-Fi Hotspot so you’ll have access to the internet! You’ll also have access to electric to charge your devices!